19th October 2018 Project and Site Update

Hello! It’s been quite some time since the previous update! About above 6 months. It’s been a hectic ride but there has been great progress made on the projects for MoeWriting! It’s been a fantastic time overall this month.

So let’s get to it!

Why the long pause?

Well, that’s due to a few situations which had come up in the team leader’s life including familial issues and health concerns. A wedding and a doctors visit. The kind of stuff that life is made of! Hahaha.
Likewise the team artist has been in a bit of trouble herself as her internet has been gone for a month entirely by this point due to the political climate of her native country. The issue is being resolved in due time. Besides that, she too met with a rabble of health concerns which she has overcome!
After enough effort and practice, things have returned to being even better than full swing! What are some reasons to believe this? Well, they’re as follows, you see.

The MoeWriting Team

MoeWriting’s team has expanded! Our members now include a programmer and an assistant writer on board! Now there are a total of 3 writers which are working together to brainstorm even better scenes and ideas for Project EK! A main editor is involved in the process and overlooks the flow and feeling of each piece to make sure it meets standards and stays on track.

Programming is planned to begin somewhere within Spring of 2019 and the documents and discussions for features is currently ongoing. These features include the creation of a unique tactical battle system for Project EK along with gift giving so you can spoil your favorite heroines and a planned mini game to hopefully keep you on your toes! We’ll see how many features we’ll go with and hopefully there will be some good updates on that awaiting this blog in the future to come!

The work for the demo is being put forth as well and hopefully that will be ready to play next year!

In a coming blog post, I hope to reveal the entire MoeWriting team and other assisting members!

The Visual Novel Project

As for the visual novel project which was mentioned in the previous post, it has much done for it including its CGs, but it has been placed on hiatus for a later date. When there’s that bridge before us, it’ll be even more improved than its work in progress self with the extra staff hands!

So that is on the back burner as all focus is placed upon Project EK’s creation!

Project EK

Now for the heart of MoeWriting’s work! Project EK is going on wonderfully! Act 1 is currently in the works in terms of writing and all heroine events are being finished up bit by bit as this post goes up! There are much more special little components that will remain a secret for now! But in blogs to come we will finally be revealing the rest of the main cast for the story and eventually the plot will once and for all be shown off to the public!

Please look forward to it!

Until then, here’s a little exchange written by an assistant writer for you to read!


Other Notes

I, the chief writer of MoeWriting, someday hope that I will be able to write small reviews of other projects on this site. If all things go well, I would love to cover a specific game I had the privilege of play testing recently. I had mentioned it in the previous blog and 6 months of waiting was more than worth it to finally get my hands on the game! An absolute gem! So I hope that the future will hold a posting with my opinions on that!

If I feel like it, I may also be uploading extra works that have been created in the meantime while MoeWriting was in silence.

In the wake of Inktober, our team artist, @Khana_chi, drew a cute sketch for the second heroine of Project EK: Violet. Please enjoy it and give Khana a nice visit if you can!


Thank you all for your patience and time spent in waiting for some updates on this team! We will always do our best with a step at a time, a day at a time!

Until next time, this has been Moe Writing!

Signing off!


2nd April 2018 Project Update

Hello, hello, hello! What a fantastic day it is today! Where the heck do I start. Well, for a quick warm up, a small project has been finished and another is already on its way!

Spring Stroll!

ss title.png

During the limited free run of VN Maker I put myself up to a task! Complete an entire miniature visual novel within that time limit before my ability to use the program would be slammed shut in my face. And so I did it~!

Thus Spring Stroll! was created!

The story of a boy named Ace whom is cut off from the rest of his class, preferring to live in his own world with headphones upon his ears. But it seems that his solitude is challenged by one persistent girl seated directly behind him.

Will Ace finally open up to another or will he continue alone on his island?

It’s up to you to decide!

The project is about 5,000 words in length with 4 different endings and 1 additional detail for an ending. There is one CG drawn by the team artist @Khana_chi! But it’ll be a little adventure to view it, so give it your best to find it!

You can play Spring Stroll! here:

The Next Visual Novel Maker Project


Thankfully after the brief free trial of VN Maker I was able to get the system for the team! So we are already working on another, more detailed project! VN Maker will be a tool we’ll make good use of for the future of MoeWriting!

Though I wish to keep as much as possible a secret for this project until its completion, it is slated to be about 10,000 words in length and will feature original sprites and multiple CGs by Khana as well as multiple endings! The plot as well shall be hidden as it’s something that is best experienced itself!

The project should be finished by about the month’s end, so please keep a lookout for it!

Project EK

Project EK is being worked on still as well and many ideas are coming together for the project. As we work on these lighter games in order to further cement the brand of MoeWriting, assets and writing are being finished. However there is something interesting being worked on by myself!

Since VN Maker is now a nice crafting tool in the shed, it’s time to get the greatest use of it! So I am working on a visual novel addition to the story that will be finished before the RPG itself is! That’s all I’ll say for the time being as I’m creating it’s outline! More on that as time comes!

For RPG portion of the project, more has been outlined, planned, and written! It’s feeling so amazing! Soon enough I hope that I can reveal heroine #3 to all of you! For now, take this little peek at the next member of the cast!


The State of MoeWriting

MoeWriting is doing wonderfully as of late as more projects are being worked on and completed to give you all some moe stories and games to enjoy~! With the success of Spring Stroll’s creation, Khana and I have taken to making more little things as we’re tackling the big one: EK. Need to get that precious EXP in order to make sure we can make something even more wonderful with that crown jewel!

With how much has happened here lately, I hope I’ve done well to keep it brief enough!

More To Look Forward To!

Outside of my own projects, there are some wonderful creators that have been getting further along in their own projects! Some are even finished! Here are some I recommend taking a look at!

The Day Akatarou’s Blood Ran Out


During that little tester that resulted in Spring Stroll’s creation, my friend, @GospelDS of @GosatsuVNs, had finished his own minor project! What a blast that one is! It’s very short so I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s a ride!

Please give it a look here: The Day Akatarou’s Blood Ran Out

Pitch Black Serenade


A mystery project currently in the works by creator @Nagatsukkomi!

A visual novel about a paranormal mystery in which the player guides the protagonist, Kairi, through a series of peculiar events in order for him to regain his lost memories. What will be discovered? Is it a truth best revealed or a truth that should be buried deep and forgotten?

For the project site, click here: Pitch Black Serenade

Tail Me


After so much hard work, @amaicherii has finished her own small visual novel project!

Tail me is about the meeting between the solitary cat girl, Sharon, and the somewhat lackadaisical Clay. Their meeting is a simple one but what greater weight could it bear?

This project is dual language in both Spanish and English and features artwork, programming and writing done entirely by its creator!

To read it yourself, please click here: Tail Me

Dungeon Dreams


For those who are fans of both dungeon crawling and dating cute anime girls, this one goes out to you!

Dungeon Dreams! Created by @DungeonDreams, it is a game about one fresh faced adventurer new to the dungeon crawling game who starts off at the bottom of the pecking order in a local city fueled by explorers dreaming of fame, riches and power! For more information from this very blog, please take a look at this post.

For the game itself, visit here: Dungeon Dreams

Thank those here and those friends unlisted for your tremendous support!


So I think this is a good place to conclude! There is so much happening lately and it’s been a wild ride! I should update this site much more, honestly. ;;;;;

Stay tuned for even more!

This has been Moe Writing!

Signing off!


10th March 2018 Project Update

Hello, hello, every people!

Lately I’d been down with a bug, but I’m faring well! Some time since the last update and there’s some great info to be shared! Hope you’re ready!

For starters, it’s time for another heroine reveal!

Birthday: 29 June
Age: 16

Our cute new heroine: Violet!

A curious mind, a bubbly personality… very naive. Violet is the daughter of a family of royal advisers whose bloodline continues the tradition of dignified scholars. Because of her lineage, Violet is tasked with constant study and guidance so to fill her role as a servant to the kingdom. With all the books she must constantly read paired along with her isolation away from the outside world, Violet dreams of time to have fun without a care in the world. Yet there’s one more topic constantly filling her mind and fantasies.

Violet dreams of the day when she is rescued from her humdrum and rigid life by a brave and dashing knight. While her mind wanders, it more often than not finds its way back to such thoughts.

Could the knight of her dreams be on his way? Will those hopes of hers be realized as she’s swept off her feet and taken away from the boredom of the life she’s always known?

Violet is a very dere-dere (lovey-dovey) heroine who has an eye for the hero: Rei. She often seeks him out to ask questions which can range from the mundane to the unnervingly bizarre.

Violet creeps on Rei.

If there’s an opening for her to spend with Rei, Violet will try to get him all to herself. Popping up here and there, tracking him down and seeing how she can weasel her way towards him, sometimes much to his bewilderment.

But she’ll also take whatever she can get.

And with Violet now revealed so to be discussed further in future updates, I believe it’s time to reveal another piece to the Project EK puzzle!

Story Presentation

First things first! Sprites are currently being worked on for Project EK!

The in game sprites used for cutscenes and heroine meetings in the project have 2 variations. For the first: story cutscenes, the heroines and all characters are presented as standing facing the towards the sides of the screen as they speak to one another. For this style of sprites, all characters present in the plot have a set of their own. These sprites are also used for sub character appearances in heroine meeting events.

WIP story styled sprites for Midori.

As for when the player meets with the heroines for their own cutscenes so to romance them, the sprites have another appearance to them. Much like a visual novel, the heroines face towards the player. The characters outside of the heroines do not have a set of sprites in this style as they are reserved solely for the dating sim events of the project.

WIP set of heroine meeting styled sprites for Midori.

While in this manner, Rei’s sprite is to be featured on the left hand of the dialogue box so to display his reactions to events that occur during heroine meetings. As I’m one who greatly admires when a project or game shows the MC rather than make them a bit of a non entity, I’ve long desired to add a side sprite for them. Any sub character making an appearance appears on the right hand side in their own special window.

Below is an example of the WIP GUI and presentation for events. While the hero is to the left of the box, the heroines face forward towards the reader. Filling in the spaces are Violet and Rei with their placeholder character art!

An example of the WIP appearance for the dialogue box.

The GUI and menu systems are being worked on yet! The main menus to navigate events are a big part of this game, so we want them to look as stylish as they can! Presentation does say quite a bit about the character of a project after all. It’s how one reads the world the story takes place in, giving it that extra flair to be a part of the world!

Introduction/Special Stories

In coming updates while I work on the dialogue and events for Project EK, I’m also working on a special set of stories to properly introduce them! It’s been, busy, busy, busy lately! I’m more of a narrative writer so EK has been a big new thing for me with relying on dialogue entirely rather than description. So it’s nice to also write some narrative shorts for such a project which is a bit of a personal trial in forging through new grounds with my writing!

So that’s the news for this update! Time to move forward with all that we can!

Until next time, this has been Moe Writing!

Signing off~!

8th February 2018 Project Update

Hello~! Hello!

It’s already been quite some time since the last blog update for this project. For my personal life, there’s still been much to settle in and do within the month that I’ve come to a new home. But things are going well as I manage and get all things back in order so to move forward.

Khana has been working hard on the art materials for the project alongside her commissions for other projects. And so we have a new bit of artwork to present today!


Midori battles against the silhouette of the first of many enemies designed so far. Which brings up the next point in the progress of this project! Today will be focusing on dungeon crawling and enemy battle!

Enemy Design

Lately I’ve been working on the enemies that will be fought throughout the labyrinths of the world of EK. What is a dungeon crawler without the monsters skulking throughout said dungeons?
A hallway simulator…
I’m sorry.

Enemy ideas come from a single word that pops into my mind for their theme. Then I work on the appearance that the enemy will have as well as its statistics and element in battle. Image ideas go from Ignis to Nola, from Sanctus to Sanguis. So far the list is made up of 70 possibilities being worked on. Of course the final outcome will very likely be smaller for the project, but I believe it’s always good to have a fair amount to choose from! Later on the remnants can be used in other projects to come.

Khana herself has been working with me on these enemy designs as a team. There are a few drawn yet and their improvement and usage is being discussed by myself and herself as we progress.

An example of the first enemy created and designed so far: Manus, the hand

The concept behind this enemy is very simple. A large skull with bony fingers coming from it. As can be easily perceived this enemy is of the dark element type and has a larger emphasis on magic defense. Slated to be one of the first enemies revealed in game, it will likely the stronger variety to be found at the beginning. But of course, pallet swaps are a cornerstone of the RPG so Manus will show up here and there in alternate forms with greater strength as the story carries on.

Elemental Combat

In project EK the dungeon battle has an emphasis upon utilizing elements in order to have the upper hand on enemies. The protagonist himself is somewhat of a blank slate in terms of battle for the player to fit them to what they prefer or can make use of. Rei may equip weapons and armor to change his elemental offense and defense. Meanwhile the heroines are more or less stuck to the element which they represent.
Midori’s own is fire. Good for fighting earth and ice types but weak to water and the special, outlying elements which will be revealed in the future.

Dungeons in the story have many themes to them. One of these themes is the elements you will find and fight within. As the first dungeon section is the simplest and most tutorial centered, the elemental combat is at its easiest there. Each heroine is effective and Rei may find his own weapon to help him through this area of the game.

Before entering into a dungeon, the menu the player navigates will show them what they can expect to find in said dungeon so they can make plan accordingly. But the true waifu lovers will likely have their favorite heroine with them no matter the odds! More to be revealed about elemental combat in time!

Heroines in Dungeons

Alongside romancing the heroines outside of the dungeon and deepening bonds with them so to improve in both relationship and combat, one heroine joins Rei in the dungeons at a time. Their element is mostly the same from the start of the game to the end with a few possible exceptions. As the player gains a better relationship, or in a negative case, a worse relationship with the heroines, the synergy in combat and dungeon exploration is too affected. So a good relationship will help the player conquer the dangerous trials they have set before them.

Dungeon Flow

The first dungeon opened to the player is a small section of about 5 floors to progress through for practice. As the player travels the dungeons, they will reach story segments upon completion of a given segment. At times the dungeons may branch off into a few different directions to take. Though the main plot line sections will drive forward the story, the offshoots are there for extra items and experience with some other goodies to be rewarded with for diligence. Once the given dungeon is finished in its entirety, another will open up after the plot progresses in a series of cut scenes.

Dungeon Generation

The player is free to return to dungeon floors they have already visited for treasure and combat at free reign. However, the dungeon floor layout is not randomized yet and will likely not be for the entire project. But in place of this the contents of the given floor is what is randomized for the player to access. From treasure to enemy types and enemy appearance, the floor is still lively upon a revisit. Likewise, there are a few different contents to be shuffled about alongside these staples. That will be left for another update.

The meaning behind “EK”

Although the name is a placeholder until I finally get to reveal the true title for the project, it has a meaning. EK stands for Ekureta, the kingdom in which the story takes place. A peculiar kingdom with its own culture and customs. A diverse civilization which is a melting pot and commerce capital for the world it serves as the greatest authority in. Rei and Midori are in for a shock as they live their day to day lives in this new and strange city.

So it had been a bit of time since the last update! I’m excited to move forward and implement many gameplay mechanics into the game. Though I do have a larger focus myself on the storyline, I have plenty to reveal and work on in the dungeon crawler side of EK. It’s a shame that I can’t yet reveal the major story of EK but when the day comes, I will be absolutely ecstatic to share it!

Please do visit the twitter of the team artist! She is an incredible and brilliant person!

This has been Moe Writing!

Signing off!

17th January 2018 Project Update

Hello, hello, every people!

Boy has it been a long time since the last update! An entire month has passed. This can be blamed on both the holiday season as well as my having moved to another house entirely. This move seemed eternal, but now it’s over. In terms of writing, I’ve sadly been unable to get any done. Yet as far as ideas go, things have improved greatly! The project is chugging along down the tracks yet in glorious fashion! In time I really go hope and look forward to revealing the new members that most likely will be joining our venture into Project EK!

But don’t be alarmed thinking that nothing new has rolled out for EK! While I was busy with the move and taking care of family matters, the team artist went ahead and made some extra pieces of artwork of our lovely revealed characters, Rei and Midori!

DSerf6EV4AEkUiw.jpg large
See the tweet on Twitter!

First off we have the above New Years and birthday celebration artwork! The two being born just a day apart from one another, it’s hard to separate the big days for either one! While I was unable to write anything special, Khana decided to create those wonderful bit for EK!

Isn’t she just the cutest~?

Next we have this adorable bit of artwork for our first heroine of the story! Midori looking as adorable as her idol self! Seems that Rei is quite the lucky kind of guy to have her attention, no?


With a hero this cool, the world is as good as saved, yeah?

Finally! We have this extremely cool looking portrait of the protagonist and hero of the story himself! Rei looking as wise and handsome as those around him have always seen him. That cool, calm and collected face of his, you have to wonder what goes on in that mind beyond those serene blue eyes.

Please, please do visit Khana, the project artist, if you can! I’d be grateful if you could lend her your support however!

[Here is her artist twitter account!]

Now that all my own personal matters are taken care of, it’s back to work for me! Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this so, so much! Last place I left off in writing, I was finishing Story Event Index 17. The prologue has a bit until it’s over, but for those curious, the written portion for this project has reached about 10,000 words. When this first section is finished, it’ll likely be around 20,000 words or so in length. But put those qualms to rest. The exposition has some breaks so it won’t feel like a dreadful slog. Rather, there will be plenty of dialogue branches and parts where you are allowed to take control of the action!

As stated above, planning and new ideas have come for myself, the writer and programmer, wonderfully. Thanks to this small break, the story will have even more details and world building within! Boy do I  love all these amazing characters! Now that I’m back at it, these updates will be coming more frequently once more.

Also! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th heroines will be getting revealed in time as accomplishments are made on my part with the writing and programming for this project! I can’t wait to introduce the rest of the main story cast and then move on to the sub characters!

So please do look forward to new information on Project EK!

This has been Moe Writing back at it!

Signing off~!

16th December 2017 Project Update


Another fine how do you do to you, my friend!

From last update sadly things had been unproductive in writing and programming as my hands began to give out from exhaustion, RSI, as well as a sickness came and sat on my shoulders to weigh me down! But things are getting back up to speed once again! Be assured that I didn’t spend all that time completely unproductive! Rather, many wonderful ideas were brewing in my head in the meantime!


Today in particular I have been able to complete up to scene 10 of the prologue, clocking in at somewhere around 8,170 words total thus far. So the adventure begins!
…And hopefully my OCD doesn’t kick in and kill me later!

Really, apart from this bit today and a lot of project planning which I can’t share, not too much has gone on that may be presented to the public. Khana is working hard on the art assets and character designs yet nothing is ready to be shown there either.

Now is the time that I reveal the names to two of the characters of this story! My, my have I so long desired this! I’m taking it slow, but more and more of the cast will be officially revealed as the stream winds down the hill!
So… here we go!!!

Rei Aoi
Birthday: 31 December
Age: 17

Stellar grades, a handsome appearance, track star. Rei is an ever popular student in Sakurami Academy. The cool glasses he wears upon his face add to the sharp wit he possesses and make him seem even more mysterious. He has many friends in his track team and girls regularly confess their love for him, yet he’s oddly a cut off character who rarely wears anything but a blank expression. All the girls who have ever sent a love letter, ever put their heart out on the table for him have only had their spirits broken. “I won’t be your boyfriend.” The words he’s become known for.
And yet there seems to be something odd ticking inside him. Is something broken in his heart? Why is it that he’s rejected all who have confessed their love for him? The mystery still stands.

Midori Kawakami
Birthday: 30 December
Age: 17

The competitor for top of the charts in both grades and popularity for Sakurami Academy. Midori is stylish, beautiful, her voice is gentle and yet rousing to the spirit. It’s no wonder that she’s in fact an upcoming idol in Japan! Because of this, her popularity in the academy came naturally. The students not only admire her, they’re also her fans! There isn’t a guy that wouldn’t want to have her all to themselves! The ultimate target for an IRL bishoujo game experience!
Thus our story begins as this rising star sends a letter to Rei’s locker. A request for a meeting under the sakura tree in the school yard. Could this be the fabled confession? What will our infamous heart breaker hero’s answer be? We may find out soon enough!

So there you have it! Two members of our cast revealed! The plot of this project, now officially known by the teaser name [EK], has yet to be revealed!

On another note, I don’t believe I’ve yet spoken of the choice system within the project. The bare bones of it, at least.

Rei is a dynamic hero whom you may allow to speak his mind in a few different personas to suit your mood. In a usual dialogue choice branch, you may choose 1 of 4 responses. Each response is based on an style or feeling as follows!

1: Gentle/Kind: The first choice in which the protagonist speaks gently to the one he converses with. In this mode he is kind, caring and concerned. The usual fare for a dating sim.

Gentle choice example.

2: Serious/Stony: This second choice will net you a more serious protagonist who is to the point, blunt and overall closed off to emotion. He can sometimes come off as stiff and even rude in this persona!

Serious choice example.

3: Sarcastic/Joking: For the third, our hero becomes a joker and either may mock or get into a bout of insults with another depending on his conversation partner. For those moments you can hold back a quip or stinger!

Sarcastic choice example.

4: Space Cadet/Comical: The final general option is one which may take the conversation into unexpected and wacky places. For this one the hero’s mind may trail off or he may simply speak his curiosity. Usually he comes off as a real strange camper as few may follow his thought process for this speaking style!

Space Cadet choice example.

Although I’ll keep it a bit more of a secret here, each style may be more suited for a certain heroine. Your type of answer will net you affection points. So be careful what you say! It might come back and bite you!

I think that’s a good bit of info for the time being! Time to keep going and get things done. But not tonight. I’ve done enough work and desire some rest.

Keep on keepin’ on! Do your best and have a wonderful day!

Moe Writing, signing off~!

30th November 2017 Project Update

Hello! Joyful times to you!

Been a bit more than a week since the last update and November is already cruising its way outta the year! In a blink there’ll be presents and non stop Mariah Carey all over the internet and the radio! I had a good Thanksgiving time with family. It ended up being quite the event!

Anyway, onto the topic at hand: updates on the project!

Although I’d been very busy working on the mechanics for the game and RPG Maker in general, this last week I decided to take a break from that to focus on other things. I got a custom menu system up and running for it, worked a bit on the balancing and wrote more of the actual story. Getting it from off your brain to slather it on the page can be a bit sticky, but I did it!

The database is coming along nicely now but there’s still more I need to add and want to add. Dang me and all my particularities. Next time I return to the RPG Maker side of things, I’ll hopefully finally get to finishing the dungeon generation and then I’ll work on the menus. Once I’m comfortable with all of that, I’ll get to actually coding in events as well starting with the opening and the first for the heroines.


Pictured above: items and weapons which are in database in works.

Which brings me to another great point! All character designs for the main and sub characters have been finished! The cast has quite a bit more than I was originally planning, but the expanded list of faces has added to much to the game and its world! The storyline is much easier to write and there’s so much to work off of! It’s been a fantastic experience. I won’t reveal any names for characters until I think it’s high time! When that happens, I’ll give small descriptions and character evaluations for them. Beyond that the extended cast is also being worked on right now.

So as for progress with writing: I’ve been able to finish many events and various details for each character and now I’m finally getting it all tied together! I’m a bit conscious about revealing anything story or character related until the time, but I hope this will be good! Names are censored, but it still gives a bit of insight into how I’m writing lists in this project.

Pictured below is taken from a list of ideas for filler events while meeting the heroines. It’s a bit rough but that’s since it’s just me throwing them down for record. This is for main heroine 1 of 4!

94d7f36b5dab3299e23c36e85b34a5aa.pngOutside of this, often there is some comedy in the scenes these two share as they argue or the MC points out something embarrassing and she jumps on him out of frustration that she’s been caught.

For now I think I can list one more detail about these heroines!

Heroine 1 is a tsundere archetype who has it out for the protagonist. The struggle he faces is getting on her good side and finding a way to work together well despite the tension they share.

Heroine 2 is a deredere bookish girl who has unsubtly had absolute affection for the MC since he first appeared. He knows it full and clear. Naive about the world around her, she desires to learn much.

Heroine 3 is a himedere of sorts who is constantly in competition with the MC over the tiniest detail, but outside of that she can be very sweet and caring. He must find a way to prove himself to her.

Heroine 4 is kuudere with a face betraying expression most often. Few can read her and she often comes from left field with outrageous statements without having a grain of shame on her shoulder. Getting her to trust is a struggle.

As for the MC himself, I can’t reveal much of anything about him since his character is integral to the plot of the story. But he is a lightly sardonic but kindly individual who looks out for others to his own cost.

Other than this, I’ve worked on some more additions to the dungeons and there are some special situations awaiting you in their walls! Though rough for the time being, here’s a little sneak peek! A timed event for the treasure at the center! But there’s another little quirk! The gates blocking you are randomized and when the timer reaches zero, your path to the treasure is sealed for this round in the given floor!


I think I’ve covered what’s been going on pretty well! I’ll leave off here.

Until next time!

Moe Writing signing off~!